#stayhealthy – From hashtag to healthy lifestyle

I don’t believe in premeditation. How many times have I wanted to lose weight, exercise more… But I’m a bit older now and I know: If you really want to change something, you have to start as soon as you have made the decision. Not waiting for the right moment. And change means change and not returning to old habits after two weeks.

What I have been planning for a long time and what should not wait a day longer is to live healthier. Sounds trite, doesn’t it? Everyone has his own idea of “healthy living”. I would not describe myself as unhealthy in general. I’m on the road a lot with friends, ordering mainly the vegetarian dish and following countless healthy living blogs. But that doesn’t make for a healthy lifestyle, does it? I can tell because I sleep badly at night. And waking up in the morning with bags under my eyes, which I now routinely just cover up. So something seems out of balance.

When I check my cell phone in the morning, I keep reading this phrase: “live more consciously”.

I think that’s what I want. So how about now?

Healthy change begins with shopping

So the decision is made – the second step doesn’t hurt either: Rummaging through social media for inspiration. From clean eating, to reducing ocean plastic, to reusable tampons, there seems to be a solution for every problem. Now I just have to find the ones that are right for me. And above all: those that are easy to implement. Complicated is not suitable for everyday use – at least not for me and not right away. It would also be complicated for me, for example, if I had to go to various shops scattered all over the city this week to get all the products that I have chosen. Instead, I’ll just shop online. Everything into a shopping cart, wait for the delivery and – drink tea.

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Product test: Spaces Washable make-up removal pads

Sustainable alternative to cotton wool pads – I was convinced!


In my search for sustainable solutions in everyday life, I first of all came across these make-up removal pads. I was sceptical for a long time, but I heard a lot of good things from friends so I just tried it now.

And I must say: I am convinced of it! In the package are 20 pads including laundry bag. The individual pads are super soft and feel really pleasant on the skin. Just hold them under water and wash your face with them. You can also use it without makeup remover, but I actually find it a little more comfortable.

A healthy plan, an unpleasant word: sport

When friends ask me to go jogging with them, I regularly break out in laughter. I hate running! Lifting weights frustrates me. And when I meditate I am bored to death. But some time ago I actually found a sport that I like: yoga. Unfortunately, I haven’t had the chance to do it for a long time. So the first thing I unpack with a smile on my face when I see the delivery on my doorstep a few days later is the new yoga mat. Perfect especially after today’s meeting marathon. After 10 hours of sitting and head smoking all the time, I can’t wait to spread out the chic purple mat and get started right away. A second look at the package and my actually unspectacular evening takes a more than pleasant turn: So I make myself a cup of yogi-tea, light a few candles and exchange chic – but tight – office outfit for comfortable leggings and a wide shirt. And then I actually manage it: I leave everything behind and stretch my desk-treated body towards relaxation.

Naturally lively – how to make more of your morning

When I wake up I still smell the subtle lemon aroma of the candle – yes, I love it. What day is today? … Never mind, coffee first. I have now switched to organic fair trade. It tastes different, it smells different – but I’ve never dealt with my coffee for so long. I enjoy two good slices of wholemeal bread with chocolate spread.Without palm oil. So far, so good – so easy!

Even in the bathroom I take my time. I smell every single bottle natural cosmetics, that I have received and I am curious to see how they work. I am also looking forward to trying the reusable wipes I have read so much about. At least they guarantee less rubbish – wonderful! But my current favourite is definitely: the Swiss stone  pine natural soap. Her smell will accompany me all the way to the subway. Normally, my blood pressure here has already reached levels that you would probably call unhealthy. But how am I supposed to complete all my todos in eight hours? Actually six, since I have two meetings… But today, I just don’t think about it too much. I take a sip from my new drinking bottle drinking bottle, in which I have filled up water with lemon slices and thyme, and listen to my podcast.

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